My Barrier to Writing – EXPOSED


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My Barrier to Writing — EXPOSED

Greetings and welcome to my Day 6 post in the Authors’ Blogging Challenge. Today’s prompt asks “What is your writing process? Do you keep a regular writing schedule? Do you write longhand or on a laptop, desktop, or tablet?  When are you most inspired?

The previous prompts were fun to write – I knew what I did and felt very comfortable in answering the questions.

Barriers 1But Day 6 stopped me in my tracks. In three lines it confronted me with most of my “perceived barriers” to writing. My answers are short and whispered since I don’t like my answers.  This is the kind of day when I wish I had a dog who could eat this homework assignment.

In the spirit of transparency, my answers are:

  1. I have no standard writing process.
  2. I do NOT keep a regular writing schedule.
  3. When I do write, it is on my iPad or my desktop.
  4. I am inspired about Business Body Language when I am talking to people about it and at random times when I make an interesting observation about a specific body language element.

The truth is that keeping a regular schedule and actually writing is and has been a huge challenge to me. It is what has kept me from completing the book.

This blog challenge is one way I am working to develop a standard writing process. It is said that if you do a new task for 21 consecutive days, you’ve created a new habit. Posting every day for five weeks will be one of the things that will help facilitate completing the book.

Any encouragement or tips you can offer are appreciated. Sometimes it’s very quiet when it’s just me and the iPad. I will keep you posted on my book writing progress.

Tip of the Day

Watching masters at body language in action is a great way to learn to understand body language and you may be able to adopt a gesture as your own. Where do find body language masters?

  • Watch an infant between three months and two years old encounter the world. A baby uses a “social smile” as young as two months. The action is the first social interaction initiated by a baby.

Smiling infant 1

  • Observe a politician involved in their craft – speeches, debates, handshaking, formal venues and informal ones. Because they are so closely watched, we also get to experience their body language “fails.”
  • Group settings such as a sporting event, a religious ceremony, or a work meeting
  • EVERYWHERE – during a day, stop for 10 minutes and watch those around you.

Enjoy the observing! If you have any questions about what you observed, post a comment and I’ll answer so we all can keep learning about body language.

Please support another Author Blog Challenge participant by checking out Simone Fortier’s blog at A Pain-Free Life Now.

Regards, Barbara

The Body Language Pro


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