You only get One Chance to Make a First Impresson


Greetings and welcome to my Day 7 post in the Authors’ Blogging Challenge. Today’s prompt asks “Do you ever experience writer’s block?”

Empty desk with computerMy truthful answer is that I have not experienced writer’s block. Before you congratulate me on my creativity, listen to the second part of my answer. The reason I haven’t experienced writer’s block is because I AM NOT SPENDING ENOUGH TIME IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER to get to that point.

My blog post from Day 6 described my plan to get the book completed. Take a look at My Writing Barriers – EXPOSED if you’d like to see my plan.

Enough said about that. Let’ talk about Business Body Language and first
impressions. I briefly mentioned the importance of first impressions in Day 1’s post.Tip of the Day

Research shows that between 70% and 90+% of your message is delivered through body language.

7 % verbal

Many decisions about you, your message, and your effectiveness are made even before you speak your first word. Most first impressions occur before the meeting starts, before introductions occur, and can be anywhere.

Field workFor your next presentation or meeting, keep track of your preparation time in these categories – researching and writing the content, putting the content in its final format, completing the pre-work required, and strategizing on your body language for the session.

Note the times and post them in the Comments section. We can look for trends.

Come back tomorrow for our discussion of how to integrate your body language into your daily work processes.

Please support another Author Blog Challenge participant by checking out Simone Fortier’s blog at A Pain-Free Life Now.

Regards, Barbara

The Body Language Pro


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