Stop, Look and Listen – The Art of People Watching


Greetings and welcome to my Day 8 post in the Authors’ Blogging Challenge. Today’s prompt asks “Who is your favorite literary character?

As a nonfiction writer, I looked at this question through the lens of my book, Business Body Language: Your Visual Business Card.

anyone anywhere anytime 1Anyone and everyone is my favorite character. People watching is a favorite pastime. It takes no advance planning, no expensive equipment, and no admission fees. It can be done solo or with others and no travel is required. It is cross-cultural and educational.
Where do I people watch? In a coffee shop while I am waiting for a companion to arrive, everywhere at an airport, in a large gathering or meeting, in a small meeting, sitting in my seat waiting for a symphony performance to start. The list goes on and on.People crossing a street

Why do I people watch? I learn so much about human interactions by observing. When individuals don’t know they are being observed, they are just themselves. I never “spy” and if the situation seems to be very personal or heated, I stop watching that interactions.

Tip of the Day

Stop, look and listen

Stop, look and listen is more than a reminder to look before you cross. In body language learning, it gives you access to many opportunities to observe and learn.

Stop look listen 1f you will be going into a new situation where you don’t know the people or the behavioral norms, try to get a glimpse of how people interact before your go to the session. Going to the venue the day before and walk around, if possible. Or arrive at the designated place 30 minutes early and take in all you can see. You will see and hear “the real deal” in the restrooms, the break room, or the cafeteria. Observing the nuances of day-to-day life gives you a lot of information that may be helpful in your session.

Please support another Author Blog Challenge participant by checking out Simone Fortier’s blog at A Pain-Free Life Now.

Regards, Barbara

The Body Language Pro


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