Is There a Lot of Material on Business Body Language? Only 150 years’ worth!

BBL COVER - VERSION 3AGreetings and welcome to my Day 11 post in the Authors’ Blogging Challenge. Today’s prompt asks “Describe the research process for your book. Did you interview people? Travel? How prominent a role did the Internet play? If you didn’t do new research, how did you learn what you needed to know to write your book?

There are many books published that touch on body language. The first body Julius Fast booklanguage book I read was in the mid-1970s and there were NO drawings or photographs to illustrate the point. Julius Fast’s Body Language, published in 1970, covered significant chunks of the body language field – all in text.

My collection of body language books has continued to grow and took an exponential increase in the last year as I delved deeper to obtain original sources whenever possible. Today, I have 50+ books and several hundred articles. Each day my Google Alert adds several new articles to the mix. One of the problems is to find the gems among all the noise in the system.

Charles DarwinThe oldest book I’ve read is Charles Darwin’s The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. It was published in 1872 and contains both illustrations and photographs. The body of knowledge is almost 150 years old and is getting more robust by the day.

Individual interviews are a key part of the book. Professionals describe what body language they look for when observing individuals and what body language gestures they find helpful in their business.

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Regards, Barbara

The Body Language Pro


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