I Only Need a Short Elevator Ride to Describe My Book

Here I go, jumping into the Author Blog Challenge. While I’m a bit late in starting, that isn’t dampening my enthusiasm.


DISCLOSURE:                  My book is not yet published.

BIGGER DISCLOSURE:    My book is not yet finished and ready to print.

Now that I’ve gone public with those two big issues for me it will be easier to connect and participate in this blog challenge. The “whys” that answer the questions posed in those disclosures are a topic for another day’s blog.

To kick off the blog, which is focused on marketing and publishing, our writing prompt Day 1 is:  Having a hook is one of the keys to successfully marketing your book. What is your 30-second elevator pitch? And whom would you most like to give it to?


My best elevator pitch is really short – it is for the one-floor elevator ride or escalator ride.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The receiver of my elevator speech would ideally be a businessperson who wants to ensure that the organization’s “people brand” projects the desired image and that interactions with individuals result in delighted and loyal customers.

Is this for a specific industry niche? Definitely not! Educators, health care professionals, retail establishments, home repair and maintenance service providers, lawyers, nonprofit volunteers are just some of the business areas where I have provided business body language advice.

dreamThe dream recipient of my elevator speech would be a regional organization that is growing and looking to enter its new markets with employees who have fantastic business body language that will draw customers to the organization.

I’ll keep looking and let you know who I find.

Keep reading my posts during this blog challenge to learn more about body language and my journey to writing Business Body Language: Your Visual Business Card. 


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